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Coaching Program #1: How To Be A Successful Media Guest

Learn important tips to be a perfect radio show guest:

How to speak in sound bites to communicate your most important messages
Clarify your key message(s)
Prepare and pack your toolbox
Promote without appearing self-serving
How to pitch to the media
Proper guest etiquette - Do's and don’ts (before and after the show)
Pre-show preparation


Coaching Program #2: Effective Role Playing for Media Interviews

Continue role playing sessions for what you learned in the Coaching Program #1 - How To Be A Successful Media Guest.

Schedule a role-playing session for each up-coming media interview.

Coaching Program #2 is available only to individuals who have completed Coaching Program #1. Send an email request for a custom package if you would like a professional role playing session and did not complete Coaching Program #1.


Training and Speaking Sessions (Groups or Individuals)

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Programs Vary in Price and Session Length

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