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My Journey

My purpose became clear while on a quest to understand why all of a sudden, powerful feelings of unfulfillment took up residence deep within my soul. In spite of being a successful entrepreneur, owning a beautiful home, country club membership, two luxury vehicles, designer wardrobe, supportive family and friends, and a wonderful dog name Blu, nothing would fill the void that grabbed a foothold on my soul. Visits to the doctor provided some clues, but the treatments were short-lived or totally ineffective.

My best friend knew what I was going through. One day I revealed that I was at my wit’s end because I tried everything to get to the bottom of what was going on with me, but nothing seemed to work. This time my friend said “Try Jesus” in a very matter of fact kind of way. I said “okay” and started that day.

During my journey to learn what it meant to really “Try Jesus,” I realized that I had to jump in with both feet. Reading the bible, praying, being gracious in spite of my situation, seeking guidance in everything became my daily, sometimes hourly walk.

The change in me was swift and then one day out of the blue, I came to the realization that those deep feelings of un-fulfillment were gone, that huge void in the center of my core was full, and instead of worrying about my situation, I was joyful during the most difficult time of my life! How could that be? I could not remember the day those feelings left and do not recall praying to God to take them away. Just the realization of this miracle, was an amazing moment in my life.

I began to experience some tremendous miracles in my life. Miracles I call “Gifts of Faith.” I call them Gifts of Faith, because it was as if God was letting me know, beyond a reasonable doubt what he is capable of and that I needed these miraculous Gifts to strengthen my Faith! And did they ever! It seemed as if every day, I was calling friends to testify about yet another “unbelievable” miracle in my life! You see God has to perform the “unbelievable” so that we will know beyond a reasonable doubt that it is him.

I now understand that I was being “called” to do some great things and God got my attention via those deep feelings of un-fulfillment, feelings that had the power to take me out of this world, if I did not answer God’s call.

God started leading me down a path that was totally different than the one I was currently on; yet surprisingly, the path was in alignment with my long-held desires to have a career in the radio, television, and print media. To add icing to the cake, God introduced me to people in the industry, who took me by the hand to guide me and open doors. It was as if they would extend a hand to say “Come.” And when their work was done, they led me to another door where someone else was waiting with an extended hand and a smile welcoming me in; no questions asked. I call them my “Earth Angels.”

Instead of wanting this career because it was all about me, my burning desire was that I wanted God to use my life, experiences, knowledge, struggles, and successes as an example to help others. I have so much to give and it would be a sin to keep it all to myself. I was a little uncomfortable with this at first, because I am a very private person, and in order for God to use me to his Glory, I had to remove the masks and become transparent. Transparency for me was paramount to walking naked in the street and nowhere to run for shelter. Yet God removed those feelings in a flash, and here I am, very exposed and feeling good about it. Only God….

Now, my dreams and passions, which seemed impossible to acquire just one year ago, are coming to fruition in a very magical way! Effective Saturday, April 26th, 2014, God will bless me with the opportunity to launch the first episode of his radio show called “Make the Change.” The show will air every Saturday, at 12 noon, Eastern Time, on “NewsTalk 1450 AM. To learn more, click on the “Make The Change Radio Show” link in the header of this page. This is a dream come true that became manifest within one year of starting my walk with Jesus. On a daily basis, I often find myself standing with my mouth wide open in complete amazement of his works!

Like this website and the radio show, my transformation is a work in progress and will continue to be. It is my hope that through this website and the show, you will find something that will resonate with you, inspire and empower you to start creating positive changes in your life. Who knows, perhaps I will turn out to be one of your “Earth Angels!”

If you find yourself struggling with strong negative feelings that you cannot shake loose, if you keep hearing a voice telling you to start pursuing your passion once and for all, or even if you are on top of the world and life is all about you, let me extend an invitation for you to try something that will set your world on fire in ways you cannot imagine. I invite you to:

“Try God”

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